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 Ventrillo Server

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Ventrillo Server

European Strike Force

IP =
Port = 7544

Vista Users may have problems being able to transmit while game is full screen. If this is the case. Right Click Ventrilo -> Properties -> Compatability -> Run as Admin and in Compatability mode for windows XP. Should fix the prblem.

Mumble is something that everybody is encouraged to use as often as is possible. During friendly matches and competetive clan matches, it is an absolute requirement.

  1. Download from Reality Teamwork or from Sendspace
  2. To connect to the PR server, simply click onto connect, then connect to
    server. It should already have the PR mumble server details there.

    Port: 64738
    No password for unregistered users.
  3. Go through the Audio Wizard, set a push to talk key. A DIFFERENT KEY TO VOIP & VENT. For example I used 'B' for voip. 'Mouse button 4' for vent (this is by my thumb) and 'F' for mumble, I don't need to cycle weapons in PR, I can do that by pressing the numbers at the top.
  4. If you have problems, Vista users usually do. Right Click Mumble shortcut -> Properties -> Compatability -> Check to run as administrator and in compatability mode for windows XP.
  5. Always run mumble before PR to prevent problems.
  6. All other settings are fine and cannot be changed. You're good to go in PR with positional audio.
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Ventrillo Server
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