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 Ranks and Responsbilities

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ESF Rank Structure

A rank structure can give players a bad impression of a
gaming clan. The reason for this is that many clans have made the mistake of
taking the military similarities of the game and the real world too far to the

In such clans they will often rigidly adhere to real world military
practises, such as tactics, leadership, training and chain of command. The
point at which this becomes excessive can be seen in a variety of different

Copying real world tactics can be the downfall of a team and
lead to defeat, no game out there is that realistic that you must copy word for
word the exact principles and procedures of any given military unit. Ranks can
become excessive in clans too, often some ‘Realism’ clans will ‘Beast’ junior
members and recruits to the point where their experience of the game and the
community is intolerable. Other times a clan’s ranking structure is far too expansive
and elaborate for it to have any practical relevance.

The requirements of PR and the way in which ESF operate
demands team work and leadership. With that in mind, a simple rank structure is
ideal for the proper maintenance and organisation of a realism based gaming
clan such as ESF.

A method for displaying and recognising a player’s
responsibilities, commitment, game proficiency and leadership ability is
required. The reasons we have a rank structure are as follows;

Any clan member new or old, can easily recognize another
member and by using their rank insignia can know what to expect from their
leadership capabilities.
As the clan grows larger, it would be
unreasonable for every player to know the leadership capabilities of everybody
else. With our rank structure, you can instantly recognise the members who like
to lead squads and are good at it.

To employ appropriate ranks relevant to the unit size,
member's skill and level of participation.
ESF have 6 ranks being
used, spanning from RCT to CPT. The 'lower' ranks of RCT, and PVT, make up most
of the unit, and are its backbone as without them we would not get far at all.
Helping to get these people into the right place on the battlefield to really
hurt the enemy are the, the recognised squad leader and fire team leader ranks,
the CPLs and the SGTs. These guys are expected to be very proficient at leading
squads and also to provide Infantry training drills to RCTs. Finally, there are
the Command Staff who are here to look after each platoon and after the unit as
a whole. They also help to train its members, but are expected to look out for people’s
ability to fight and to lead, and then to ensure that the ranking system
correctly shows people's skill for fighting or leading. These are the LTs with
the current leader holding the only CPT rank in the clan.

We emphasize the practical requirements of a rank and try
to minimize arrogant, superior, elitist behaviour from any member holding a
higher rank.
Everybody is equal, everyone is here for the purpose of
having fun in a gaming environment amongst friends and allies. Ranks simply
denote the higher responsibilities, players with higher rank have earned their
place through loyalty, consistency, proficiency, dedication and personality. We
are ESF first, ranks second.

We DO NOT use excessive ‘roleplaying’ or military
simulations in our interactions with each other.
This is where we
talked about extremes in a realism clan. People are here for fun and not to be
broken down and rebuilt as men. If they want that they can go sign up for the
marines or join a hardcore biker gang. No one here will refer to anyone as sir,
or demand that lower ranked players participate in any activity that detracts
from their enjoyment of the game and the clan.

We allow players to choose their level of participation
in the group
. There is no pressure to lead, or to get involved with
clan management. If you would like to have more responsibility, the path is
open to you. If a player just wants to be one of the guys in a fire team with a
rifle and having a good time while following orders, that path is his to choose
and no-one will ever be looked down on for not wanting to lead. Don’t be afraid
to lead because you do not have the rank for it, if you lead competently on a consistent
basis, you will get yourself noticed.

Ranks are used in the prefix in your BF2 account, not in the main account.

Enlisted Troops

These people are the backbone of ESF, as without them we would not get far at all. An enlisted player is someone who has put enough energy and effort into the game that they have earned their place in the group. There is no requirement to progress past 'enlisted'. The only real necessary step is that a player progress from RCT to PVT within a reasonable period of time. Failure to do so shows a lack of dedication, and we don't have room for dead weight in the group. Participating in the clan, joining and playing in the events we have scheduled, and participation on the forum all play a part in earning a place as a PVT in the group.
A 'Enlisted' player must be very conscious of how skilled they are at the game. They should take only the roles that they are confident in, and should defer to the higher ranks when it comes to the more valuable or specialized roles. Some examples of good basic 'Enlisted' roles are: Grenadier, Machinegunner, Medic, Anti-Tank Soldier, Rifleman.
'Enlisted' players are not required to take leadership slots, but they are definitely encouraged to speak up and show technical and tactical skill. They should also be prepared to step up to the role of Squad Leader every once in awhile, especially if they seek promotion.
Their responsibilites are;

Authority; None

  • Get to know the guys
  • Make an effort to attend events
  • Follow orders in game
  • Behave with respect and maturity

Recruit (RCT)
Favourite line: "When can I do my BICT?"
Private (PVT)
Favourite line: "Roger that"

Non-Comissioned Officer ranks

If a player is interested in taking on more responsibility, they are encouraged to request a promotion to NCO after they've been enlisted for a month or two.
An NCO is a player who takes an active role in ESF and has shown notable proficiency in PR.
NCO's lead Squads, or Fire teams if necessary.
NCO's, when not leading troops, tend to take the roles that require above average proficiency and familiarity with the game. Snipers, pilots, and vehicle commanders are just a few of the roles that are best filled by NCO's. They have priority for these roles as well. They are to set a good example to the RCT's and PVT's and to help manage and coordinate training events
Their responsibilites are;

Authority; Accept Members into Clan, Promote RCTs, Demote and Discharge PVTs

  • Same as above
  • Lead Squads
  • Encourage proper tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Assist in low level management, training events and recruitment efforts

Corporal (CPL)
Favourite line: "You heard the man, let's go!"

Sergeant (SGT)
Favourite line: "Excellent work, you're a great squad"

Comissioned officer ranks

These people are here to look after each platoon and after the company as a whole. They also help to train its members, but are expected to watch our member's abilities to fight and lead, and to ensure that the ranking system correctly reflects our enlisted member's skill for fighting and leading. They can recommend members for promotion.
The status of a CO is more than just someone who's been withthe group for a long time. A CO is expected to take an active role in leadership, and has more responsibility because of that. CO's must have good communication skills, good personal combat skills, and a strong grasp of the leadership principles and general tactical considerations that come into play in an average PR scenario.
CO's take roles that allow them to have a large influence on the battlefield. They typically lead a squad at the minimum. Think long and hard before you request promotion to the CO rank. It is not something that all players will be able to attain.
Their responsibilites are;

Authority; Accept Members into Clan, Promote RCTs, Demote and Discharge PVTs

  • Same as above
  • Take full responsbility of their designated Platoon
  • Host training events for our members
  • Contribute written works for clan related activities
  • Ensure overall clan objective is realized
  • Be disciplined, Encourage, Motivate, Inspire - LEAD

Leftanant (LT)
Favourite line: "For showing exemplary performance, I hereby promote X member to Y rank"

Captain (CPT)
Favourite line: "ESF is an awesome clan, I'm extremely pleased with my active members and the way things are going"


Promotion from RCT to PVT is automatic upon completion of BICT whereas after completion of AICT members may request promotion to CPL. CPLs are expected to lead fire teams at a minimum and lead whole squads at the maximum. SGT and above create and coordinate all other management duties that are outside of the game itself and CPLs may request promotion to SGT if they can fulfil this responsiblity.
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Ranks and Responsbilities
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