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 How to setup Hamachi

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PostSubject: How to setup Hamachi   Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:48 pm

Hamachi Setup Guide

First things first, we dont use the latest hamachi because some of us have problems with it so you'll need to download version 1.0.3 from this link.

Once you've done that and installed it all, it'll ask you to make an account, so just throw in your username as the one you use ingame.
Once that is completed you'll need to click the little triangle shaped icon at the bottem of the UI and click "Join existing Network"

Type in the network name as ESF-Clan and the password as esfclan.
When we use hamachi 99% of the time we use Zehtuka's network becuase we all get a nice shiney connection to him, so right click his name and click copy address.
Load up PR if you havent already and click join local, then Join IP, ctrl+v his address in and then click join and you should be away.


  • Should the network say hamachi is full, contact one of the server admins (Burton/Wiman) and ask them to kick somebody.
  • If the server host has anything but a green star, restart hamachi otherwise you wont be able to connect.

Made by Rezurrexion.


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How to setup Hamachi
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