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 ESF Objectives

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PostSubject: ESF Objectives   ESF Objectives EmptyThu Jul 09, 2009 9:46 pm

ESF Objectives

ESF are a serious, mature clan, dedicated to playing PR tactically, efficiently and with cohesive strategic teamwork.

We are fundamentally about fun and friendship, but we also promote efficient teamwork, good tactics and overall good sportsmanship with the view to play competetively against other organized clans of PR.

We do not copy real world standards of military practise for the sake of trying to create a virtual army experience or anything of the sort.
We do not expect our members to talk as though they are hardened war-veterans, refer to member's of higher rank as sir, or talk down to recruits as though they do not have an opinion. This is too much in a gaming clan and contradicts the whole point of a game, which is to have fun.

We aim to create and maintain a tightly-knit group of guys who are friendly with each other and all share the values of respect, maturity and a desire to compete at a higher competetive level than public gameplay. So we do not have time for deadweights in this organization.

In short our ethos is;
We love to play and we play to win.

We do not copy military docrtine and protocols for tactics and strategy.
Instead what we do is take what we know from our own knowledge and research and devise our own PR specific doctrines of tactics, regardless of real world similarities.
The game is realistic, that is it's aim, it's a sort of combat simulation, but not everything of real world arm standards apply to PR and so we take what is useful, tweak it and drop what isn't useful.
Our aim as a clan is;

* Create and maintain a good foundation of friendship, trust an respect for one another
* Implement our own standards of teamwork with regard to all aspects of PR gameplay
* Practise our skills and develop our tactics with one another
* Compete in all levels of competetive matches, from small scrims to large tournaments.

All of our active members are expected to work towards these goals with each other. All applicants to the clan must also understand and comply with these aims if they are to be approved membership.
We owe it to the R-DEVs to play this game with heart and with mind. Here's a video to get you pumped up for PR. It's an old video from an old release, the mod has changed a lot since then, but the video still accurately portrays how f*cking kick ass this mod is.

We love to play, we play to win
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ESF Objectives
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